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Revues Internationales 2010 - 2014 de l'équipe Instrumentation et modélisation des Systèmes et nanosystèmes Avancés

Revues Internationales 2010 - 2014


D. Le Roux, B. Root, J. Hickey, O. Scott, A. Tsuei, J. Li, D. Saul, L. Chassagne, J. Landers, P. de Mazancourt, Integrated sample-in-answer-out microfluidic chip for Rapid Human Identification by STR analysis”, Lab on a Chip, 14(22), 4415-4425 (2014). [PDF - 10 Mo]

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A. Khalaf, K. Djouani, Y. Hamam, Y. Alayli, Maintenance Strategies and Failure-Cost Model for Medical Equipment, Quality and Reliability Engineering International,
DOI: 10.1002/qre.1650 (2014).

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A. O. Anele, Y Hamam, Y. Alayli, K. Djouani, Investigating the Impacts of Lateral and Angular Misalignments between Circular Filaments, Journal of Machine to Machine Communications, Vol. 1, 83–104, doi: 10.13052/jmmc2246-137X.113 (2014).

L. Benabou, Z. Sun. Homogenization scheme for brittle intergranular decohesion in polycrystalline aggregates. Mechanics Research Communications 55, 114-119, 2014.

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J.A. Nasser, L. Chassagne, S. Topsu, J. Linares, Y. Alayli, Study of the atom couling model for (SC) partition function: first order phase transition for an infinite linear chain, European Physical Journal B, 87:69, DOI: 10.1140/pejb/e2014-41039-0 (2014).

S. Lakkis, R. Younes, Y. Alayli, M. Sawan, Review of recent trends in gas sensing technologies and their miniaturization potential, Sensor Review, Vol. 34 Iss: 1, pp.24 - 35, DOI: 10.1108/SR-11-2012-724 (2014).


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A. Tellez-Quiñones D. Malacara-Doblado and J. García-Márquez, “Compensation of the two-stage phase-shifting algorithms in the presence of detuning and harmonics,” J. Opt. Soc. Am. A, 30(X) (2013) in press.

F. Maroteaux, C. Saad: Diesel engine combustion modeling for hardware in the loop applications: effects of ignition delay time model. Energy. Vol 57, pp 641-652, 2013.

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J. Lalevée, F. Dumur, C.R. Mayer, D. Gigmes, G. Nasr, M-A Tehfe, S. Telitel, F. Morlet-Savary, B. Graff, J-P. Fouassier, Photopolymerization of N-vinylcarbazole using Visible Light Harvesting iridium Complexes as photoinitiators, Macromolecules, to be published in 2012.

F. Dumur, C.R. Mayer, Unexpected ritter reaction during acid-promoted 1,3-Dithiol-2-one formation, Helv. Chimi Acta, to be published in 2012.

J.-P. Loisel, S. Topsu, L. Chassagne, Y. Alayli, P.R. Dahoo, P. Juncar, Generation of 656 nm Coherent Red-Light by Frequency-Doubled Nd:YLiF4/BaB2O4 Laser for a Compact Silver Atoms Optical Clock, International Journal of Metrology and Quality Engineering, 3, 7-13 (2012).

A. Missoffe, L. Chassagne, S. Topsu, P. Ruaux, B. Cagneau, Y. Alayli, New simple optical sensor: from nanometer resolution to centimeter displacement range, Sensors and Actuators A, 176, 46-52 (2012). [PDF - 1 Mo]

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L. Benabou, Finite strain analysis of wood species under compressive failure due to kinking, to be published in International Journal of Solids and Structures (2012).

K. Ouedraogo, S. Topsu, J. Gayhmouni, L. Chassagne, Y. Alayli, P. Juncar, P. Gournay, F. Bielsa, G. Genevès, Accurate Ellipsometric Magnetic-Field Sensor Used to Align the LNE Watt Balance Magnetic Circuit, Sensors and Actuators A, 175, 9-14 (2012).

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