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Soutenance de thèse de Yin ChengXin

le 24 novembre 2020

24 novembre 2020

Yin CHENGXIN soutiendra sa thèse le 24 novembre matin (salle CASIMIR).

Yin CHENGXIN soutiendra sa thèse le 24 novembre matin (salle CASIMIR) intitulée Predictive Simulation for the Design of Robotic Device for Mobility-Aid

Brief Abstract: My PhD work focuses on developing a methodology on design of the robotic mobility-aid. The main goal is to help the designer to propose the robotic solutions to assist the disabled persons. First, we applied the neuromusculoskeletal modeling and motion-tracking simulation to build the human subject as well as the robotic exoskeleton.
Second, predictive simulations can solve the ‘what-if’ studies that can be used to evaluate the novel movements and adaptions to dierent conditions. Our methods have been validated via a case-study of the human-ESTA system. Results show that our methodology is promising and allowed to specify the human movement for a given task.