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Open access equipments

All of the following equipment is accessible to users outside the laboratory.

Six Camera system VICON

Réf : T10S/6
Specificity: set of six synchronized cameras for 3D motion measurements.
Purchased within the framework of the Equipex Robotex

Infrared ellipsometer

Réf : Woollam
IRVASE Specificity: ellipsometer with a very wide measurement range towards the infra-red

Visible Ellipsometer

Réf : Woollam
Specificity: complementary in wavelength to IRVASE

Zygo interferometer

Ref : ZMI2001 Specificity : excellent performances, reference interferometer in the world of interferometry. Resolution 0.31 nm.

Atomic force microscope (AFM)

Réf : Pacific Nanotechnology

Climatic enclosure ESPEC type ARL-O680

Volume : 680 L
Température : -45 à +180°C
Humidity : 10 à 98% RH

Fatigue machine INSTRON E3000

Capacity 3 kN, Range 60 mm (+/- 30 mm)
Thermic chamber (up to +350°C)
Frequency 0,01 à 100 Hz

Labsphere integrating sphere and spectrometer (CDS610)

Diameter: 500 mm.
Measurement: 2ft and 4ft.
Wavelength: 350nm 1000 nm.
Integration time: 8ms to 30 s.
Total flux of the light source (Lm).
Total luminance of the source (Cd).
Chromatic coordinate (x,y).
Color rendering index CRI.
Color temperature (K).
Emission spectrum of the source..